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Welcome to the Long Law Firm Blog

Welcome to our blog. The posts are going to focus on various aspects of the specialty practice of Social Security Disability law. Having been a Disability Judge in the past and an attorney for more than 40 years, Judge Danvers Long is knowledgeable about every aspect of disability law. Some of the components of social security disability law are based on:

• Medical Issues: Is the illness or injury disabling?
• Financial Issues: Has the client earned enough SSDI credits?
• Income: Is the client’s income low enough for SSI?
• Rules and Requirements: Does the client meet the requirements of the law?

If you have been denied for receiving disability benefits, don’t give up hope. Make an appointment for a free consultation with Judge Long, a leading Social Security disability attorney in Orlando. When you have been denied benefits you need an experienced lawyer to represent you. In addition to giving you a free consultation, the Long Law Firm does not charge any fee unless we win your case.

Get to know our area of practice and feel free to contact us at 1.833.293.5750. Judge Long knows how the disability system works and is committed to helping you win your Social Security disability case.